Monday, March 27, 2006

Two posts in One Day, AMazing!

Last week I felt it was time to take some more inspiration you ask??? my ever-so-frequent drive to school and the vistas in Marina and Seaside. On my long tedious drive to CSUMB, my mind often drifts into the scenic views and, uh, sometimes I almost fall asleep. But among this mess of gazing and neglected-sleep driving, I thought I would stop and shot the scenes of what makes up this little known area of the old Fort Ord. Sorry, no sunset photos. Some day, I'll get up early enough to shot the sunrise on my way to work...possibly after I graduate in May...until then, sleep will be the main goal of my pre-6am hours. Here are some pics I took while killing time between class (yeah, unlike other students, I don't do homework between classes- I take pictures). Enjoy!

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LindseyJ-B said...

Ah,HA! Am I the first commenter on your blog, EVER? Hmmm, maybe it is because I think you're AMazing! I like your pictures. "Hello my name is Br-ENT and I like to take pictures".