Friday, June 09, 2006

More Photos...

Just thought I would post some pictures again...I don't want to claim any of them are spectacular, but, I was able to play with my camera the other day and since some people asked for a post, I thought I would use these.

The scenic pictures were taken at Pfiefer Park in Big Sur (I have poison oak on my leg now from that day...very itchy!). The Porsche was in front of the Monterey Plaza Hotel (in Monterey of course). Although I'm disappointed with the sharpness of this picture, it was fun to experiment with my wide-angle lens and aperture. The boat pictures are from a random boat that's parked (docked?) on the side of Hwy 1 near Moss Landing. Enjoy!

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Kelly said...

dude -- I love that boat shot (or whatever that peely-painty thing is. awesome.