Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The car that runs on water?

Well, it doesn't really run on "water," but that is what comes out of the tailpipe! I've been seeing advertisements for this car on TV and looked it up today. It's the Honda FCX (photo below). It's actually quit a nice looking car and, it runs on hydrogen! So, the only thing that it emits is water vapor. The only caveat hear is that it is only available in Southern California, and not even until mid-2008. If it were available in Central California, I would totally lease one!

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Ancelyna said...

hahaa, oh the way of the modern world! Not buy one but lease one :) sweet. Well, I'd lease a Civic, but not that one and.. ok I wouldn't lease it. I'm a poor estonian boohoohoo I am doomed to take the bus forevermore and get my dream car when I'm 85 and have such poor eyesight that I am banned from driving.