Friday, January 30, 2009

House Photos for the Metsalas!

So it's been a while since I posted anything (lack of internet still), but these are some long awaited photos for the dear Metsala family... it is sort of like a virtual tour (and please, don't mind the mess!)

Front of house and drive way (sorry, forgot to shoot the neighborhood).

Front Door ;-)

Entry (stairs up to bedrooms, stairs down to living/kitchen..garage door to left)

going down stairs

going upstairs

looking from living room to front door

Hallway at bottom stairs to 1/2 bathroom

disaster 1/2 bath (need to paint and put back together!)

Kitchen from door by 1/2 bath

view of "dinning room" from kitchen

kitchen view from dinning area

my very nice new fridge ;-)

ugly ikea lights that shouldn't be there (can't open the cabinets behind them!)

new dishwasher and kitchen faucet

living room from dinning area (sorry for the mess!)

other side of living room

another living room

(neighbor's cat...err!) my back yard

going up stairs to bedrooms

hall way to rooms and bathroom

more upstairs hallway

full bathroom (compare to PDF I sent you guys!)

new mirror and lights and paint

halway the other way

looking into second bedroom

second bedroom (basically storage right now)

hallway looking into both bedrooms

master bedroom

master bedroom other side

view from bedroom windows (see the hills in the background!)


garage laundry...

where my car ought to be!

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