Monday, September 25, 2006

What, Stink says I stink?

So….since Annely told me that Stink would even say that I stink because I haven’t posted anything in a LONG time, I figured I would post something ;-) So last time I posted was pictures (probably below if you scroll down) of my nephews. Annely decided that they looked cute, especially the last photo where they “plot to kill me like real pirates.” Although those two can be trouble, I doubt they’re dubious enough yet to come up with such a plan. In honor of Annely, I will post a picture I took of her in the summer of 2005... I'm sure she'll have the same exact look on her face when she sees this picture!

So what to post about? Here’s some pictures from when Adam and Bek visited from Australia. Bek went to Maryland and left Adam by his lonesome, so Elvira, Jaikob, and I took him to San Francisco for the day. Here’s a coupe pictures from then…

Adam had a moment of awe when he saw the iPod vending machine in Macy's...

Recently, there was a party at the Coastlands, a “soiree” if you will. This second part is for my sister, Jessica, who is in Australia, near Brisbane, starting her DTS at Youth With A Mission….Because Jessica is in Australia and wasn’t able to be there, she asked me to send her some pictures. So, I’ll post some here for everyone to see. These would be my favorite pictures from the night (I was one of the assigned photographers).


Ancelyna said...

Hahahahah!! Lookie lookie! A new post! WOW! You did it, Brent! I am so proud of you!

All of you who visit Brent's blog--You have me to thank for it! He would have never published a new post!!
Oh the sacrifices I made:
*It's not easy to bully someone into blogging! And it's time consuming!
*I risked with making Brent hate me!
*I myself would have never published that photo of myself!

But it's all so worth it!

hanna-k. said...

Thank you Annely for such an overwhelming effort. I hereby congratulate thee for thy success.
Tent, you'd better post more often from now on !!!