Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thur proli guna go tuh the restrent...

In a recent conversation, I discovered how many words us Californians say differently than the rest of Americans. Interestingly enough, Californians always think that our speech is the most clear of the nation without any accents or twangs (with the exception of the “valley girl” or teenage girls who use the word “like” to mean 150 different things). Here is a short list I have compiled from the passed few days as I observed conversations at work…

Californians Say… / Which really means…
“proli” / “probably”
“wull” / “we will”
“thur” / “they’re” or “their”
“yur(s)” / “your(s)” or “you’re”
“wur” / “we’re” or “we are”
“guna” / “going to”
“drather” / “I’d rather”
“cren” / “crayon”
“restrent” / “restaurant”
“farther” / “further”
“tuh” / “to”
“tul” / “until”
“shul” or “hul” / “she’ll” or “he’ll”

I'm certain this is not an all-inclusive list, but it's what I've got so far. So there you have it, Californians are just as strange as the rest of the U.S.


Ancelyna said...

Hahahah!! Seriously, is this a new post? Wow! I hardly had the chance to get bored of the last one! You are doing well, Brentalones, truly well! I salute you!

And what's that about californians not being strange? Just look at yourself!

Ancelyna said...

Um... oh. so you're approving now, huh? Alrighty then. Alrighty. My bad.

Soooo.. yur finally coming tuh Estonia? Yeay!! YEAY!! Finally! Wull take you on a road trip! yeay!! That is of course if you're not too afraid of me..

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hanna-k. said...

hahahhahahhah !