Monday, September 24, 2007

Oregon and Washington

Whoa, postings just a few days apart! Here are two photos I thought I would upload. My monitor isn't calibrated yet, so the colors are a bit off (but, they're also compressed for the web). The mountain view is from Crater Lake in Oregon. The bumble bee on the flower is from Mt. Saint Helens in Washington.

More to come soon...


Ancelyna said...

Oh wow, I'm so excited because of yet another new blog post, I can barely move!

I sat here not moving for a couple of minutes, staring at my own comment.


..nice photos!!

Todd Millikan said...

Wow... beautiful shots. I especially like the bumble bee one. I've gotta keep my eyes open for those nature scenes. I'm so often just shooting pics of my cute boys and wife that I forget to capture the scenery. But that's such a great part of the memory and beauty. Love it. Nice work Brentalones.