Friday, September 21, 2007

Theives from Vancouver

Hello, It's been far too long since I've written anything here! Part of the time since I've last posted (looks like it's been a full summer!) I was lucky enough to be able to take a road trip to Canada, eh. Over our Labor Day weekend, I took an extra few days off and with a friend from Monterey drove up through California, Oregon, and Washington with a final destination of Vancouver, BC. We only ended camping in Canada, but the intent was to camp wherever we felt we need to stop on trip. This also made our actual "final" destination a bit further north, Squamish to be exact, but that was just to find a campsite. The drive up was great and I had never seen Oregon or Western Washington. I have some great photos that I will hopefully get to editing and place on here. The unfortunate part was that the last day in Canada, right as we were about to leave, I found my car broken into and thus my laptop bag (containing my laptop and associated peripherals) as well as my camera bag (luckily not containing the camera) missing. Quite unfortunate, and yes, swear words did fly from my mouth (I know, for shame!). Needless to say, I was pissed (and not in the Irish sort of way). I have now since replaced my computer, hence the ability to write this glorious entry, and also am now able to get back to work on photos!

Ironically, I don't hate Canada. In fact, it was beautiful and I plan to take a family trip next June (road trip plus camping). If you find an "abandoned Dell Latitude" on Ebay Canada, let me know!


Ancelyna said...

Can I bring myself and Val for that family trip to Canada?
I kind of want to visit your country too. Val always talks how he wants to take me there. He wants to come back and visit you.. aww! The only reasons why I would like to visit the great USofA are to load up on foreign candy and other goodies, which would, no doubt, be unbelievably bad for me and well, maybe visit you too. I guess just general shopping would be another great reason...

I can imagine how you felt when your laptop was gone! Did you loose all sorts of valuable data? I think that would suck the most. We were thinking of buying an extra hard drive for our photos, just in case, and hide it someplace extremely safe, oh I don't know where -- like on a string outside our kitchen window? No one would look there for computer accessories.

Anywhoo, glad your car was still there and you were able to make it back from that thieving country ;)

And the thing I am most glad about is that you finally posted something! YEAY! Here's a cookie!

And where's our wedding present? It's been 6 Months!!

Ancelyna said...

Suck it, Tonya!


ANywhoo, doesn't that computer theft show you a whole year for a present is too long? If you would have finished it right away, even before our wedding, and shipped it off to the lovely Metsala newlyweds, it would have been perfect, EH? Eh?

Boris learn from mistake, da?

But since we like the way you dress, we will wait the remaining 6 months. With glee. And smoked cheese.

And then we expect you to deliver it to us yourself. With a song. Because we miss you like that. Ok.


Margaret and Captain Obvious.
The Newly-Six-Month-Weds.