Sunday, December 09, 2007

Are Stanta's Elves Supposed to Frighten Children?

So I went with my mom to take my nephews to Christmas in the Park in San Jose earlier today. It was fun and they got to see Santa (photo above). As we were walking through the park and looking at all the Christmas displays and decorations, we came across one called "Santa's Workshop." The photo below is what the elves in the scene looked like...sort of scary...especially if you are from a culture where elves visit your house during Christmas time! I wouldn't want to have my toys made by these elves, let alone have them visit my home!


Ancelyna said...

WHat the CREEPMONSTER is THAT!??! That's so CREEPY! And to think I got candy and chocolate from these guys a few days ago! Disgusting! I'm going to send it back next time. In the meanwhile I will pray the chocolate wasn't poisoned or something... ewwww!!

Ifie said...

Really creepy. It reminds me a lot of Chucky (the doll in the horror movie).

Kimberly said...

Hey Brent, I found your blog...this is Kim Motz (Lira now). Anyway do you remember me? Email me sometime

Hope you are doing well!